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In 2014, DC inverter compressor growth 40.1%

PubDate:2015-3-4 0:37:16     Hits:4955

In 2014, DC inverter compressor year-on-year growth of 40.1%

According to industry online statistics, in 2014 China's light commercial air conditioner DC inverter compressor sales 1.8 million units, year-on-year growth 40.1%, ahead of industry overall growth.

In 2014, light commercial air conditioning compressor sales 10.53 million units in China. Among them, the light commercial fixed speed compressor sales 8.71 million units, year-on-year growth 3.6%. Light commercial DC inverter compressor domestic sales of 1.8 million units, year-on-year growth 40.1%. While light commercial digital compressor domestic sales appear relatively steep decline.

At present, among China's light commercial DC inverter compressor, rotary compressor occupy the mainstream. In 2014, the light commercial inverter rotary compressor sales of 1.54 million units, year-on-year growth 38.2%. Light commercial inverter scroll compressor sales of 260,000 units, up 52.3% from a year earlier.

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